Document Type : marine engineering


Consultant, Indian Ports Association, New Delhi and Former Director, Kolkata Campus, Indian Maritime University, New Delhi, India


Floating breakwaters are the light and low-cost types of shore protection structures that have been used in different parts of the world to create a comfort zone. Studying the performance of floating breakwaters by laboratory methods can help to design the parameters of the coastal structure and reduce the unforeseen costs in project implementation. In this study, using geometric similarity methods and Froude dimensionless numbers, two floating pontoon breakwater has been built in workshop and were affected by the three waves with different technical specifications. Furthermore, for a more extensive review of the breakwater performance, tests in three different drafts has been executed on them. Then transfer coefficients for different mentioned conditions have been evaluated and calculated and its relations with the draft and the waves were obtained. Finally, after analyzing and comparing the obtained transmission coefficients, the best breakwater in terms of performance in the developed laboratory conditions will be introduced.