1 Department of Environment, Marine science and Technology, Faculty of North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University

2 Department of Environment, Marine science and Technology, Faculty of North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University,


Pollution of marine waters is one of the important issues that has a irreparable effects. Also, in the organic oil pollutants, due to inappropriate effects on the environment and humans health and ability to create cancer, hydro carbons of polycyclic (PAHS) and heavy metals (Ni,Hg,V) have a particular importance. According to the importance of study of the environ mental contaminants in the four operational regions Siri , Lavan ,Khark and heavy metals (Ni,V,Hg) in the water and sediments was performed in two stage that was for sampling from receptive environment pollution. The sampling was accomplished with VAN VEEN GRAB device. Results are showed that concentration of the oil pollutants and heavy metals generally are dropped in the water and increased in the sediments.


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