Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Tehran North Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


The weather forecast by satellite data is a good guideline for assessment of voyage planning route in order to have safe and economic voyage for shipping. ISO15016, "Guidelines for the assessment of speed and performance by analysis of speed trial data", has been developed by the working group ISO/TC 8/SC 9/WG 2. This paper presents the effects of wave speed & direction, wind speed and direction, current speed and direction, and depth of water in vessel voyage planning which is based on meteorology and satellite data and computer program based in the ISO/DIS 15016. The interpolation between satellite data, historical chart data and observed data can optimize voyage route and cause reduction in sea passage time and fuel oil consumption. Various analysis methods for resistance increase due to ship motion, wave diffraction, wind, steering, drifting, water temperature, salt content, deviation of displacement, hull and propeller surface roughness and shallow water effects are considered in this paper and could be contained in computer program.