Document Type : marine engineering


Department of Marine Industries, Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Wave run-up is one of the most important and effective parameters in designing semi-submersible platforms. Besides unforeseen effects on the movements and response of the platform, wave run up can also cause slamming forces to be exerted on the lower deck of the platform. Therefore, at the first stages of this plan, before running tests on the model of the platform, numerical methods are usually utilized for estimating the appropriate height of semi-submersible platforms’ deck in order to prevent any damage on it In this paper, in order to verify the validity of simulation and also the efficiency of "Flow3D" on predicting the wave run-up and also the effect of wave impact under various steepness on a semi-submersible platform, results derived from the simulation by "Flow3D" compared to the results of both WAMIT tool and the experimental model. The results show that "Flow3D" has great capability to estimate the amount of wave run-up when investigating the waves with the steepness of up to about 4 percent. But, by increasing the steepness of striking wave in front of the aft columns, the results obtained from the software are not in good agreement with the experimental and WAMIT results.


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