Document Type : marine engineering


Khorramshahr University of Marine Science and Technology


Seawalls are built for Protecting of beaches against waves and preventing the progression of water to the beach. For a proper understanding about these constructions, a suiTable information about applied loads on these constructions should be existed. One of the important load that applied on these constructions is sea wave. Others loads are included: weight force of the walls, weight force of the soil behind wall, weight force of the sea water on wall base and the forces applied on beach. Seawalls are built in different geometric shapes like vertical, Inclined and curvature walls (with variable slope). In this study, 4 geometric shape: vertical, Inclined, Convex and concave are simulated for analyzing the effect of geometry on stability of seawalls. So FLAC 3D software are used. The results show that the minimum earth subsidence and horizontal displacement are obtained for convex wall and the maximum amount of these parameters for vertical wall.


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