Document Type : marine engineering


1 Geomorphology, Physical Geography Department, Geography Faculty, University of Tehran, Tehran

2 Department of Civil Engineering, Neka Branch, Islamic Azad University, Neka, Iran

3 Department of Engineering and Technology, Golestan University, Aliabad Katool, Iran


In coastal areas, hydrodynamic factors make changes in shorelines geomorphology. This can affect coastal facilities and cause hazards to human societies in the areas. This study has investigated the influence of wave and tide properties on Khamir Port, Hormoz Strait in coast of Persian Gulf. The purpose of the study is to make a mathematical regional and local modeling of water level fluctuations and flow velocity by MIKE21 application. These models provide some maps to show tide and wave effects on shoreline changes. The maps have been created as the results to reveal the maximum advance of water onto the coast in high tide and low tide patterns. Time series of water level variations in two months and the flow velocity have been examined in some randomly selected points in the study area. This can be argued that these water level fluctuations may undermine coastal structures and alter shoreline geomorphology. These maps resulted from the modeling can be used for safety planning in constructional projects, tourism, and insurance management.