Document Type : biological oceanography


In this study marine sponges of inter tidal zone from Hengam Island Persian Gulf were collected by wading at low tides in Eskeleh station at  locations 55˚ 53ʹ 40ʺ E & 26˚ 40ʹ 53ʺ N.For identifying identification of sponge samples, acid digestion method as a method of early detection and microtome section to identify the skeletal structure were used.All the identified sponges were from class Demospongia, two orders (Hadromerida, Haplosclerida) and four families (Clionidae,Callyspongidae, Chalinidae, Niphatidae) and seven speciesAmphimedonviridis,Haliclonarosea, Haliclonacinerea,Siphonochalina sp., Callyspongiafallax, Callyspongia sp.2,Clionadioryssa. This Research is the exact study to the identification sponges inbasis of microtome sectioning to observe skeletal structures in Iranian Island.