Investigation of vortex-induced vibration phenomenon in verticallong circular slender structure with non-uniform flows

Document Type: marine engineering


Analyzing the vortex-induced vibration of a slender marine structure withlength to diameter ratio up to 200 is the objective of this study. This slender is free to move in both in-line and cross flow directions and immersed completely in water. Three different types of shear currents pass on it and cause to vibrate slender in different forms. Nowadays, these vibrations are very important for designers. In this study, 3D Finite difference method has been used to solve cable governing equations in a long slender with two hanged ends. The hydrodynamic forces, in the direction of in-line and cross-flow created by vortex shedding are simultaneously considered based on Morison equation. In a specified range of Reynolds number, the flow is in-line direction, but the results show riser oscillation in both in-line and cross flow directions. The results showed a good agreement with other researches in VIV with constant flow on it. Then non-uniform flows with profiles in real ocean currents were selected as inputs of this study. The results showed that small variations in velocity profiles and quantities can create significant differences in riser behavior.