The integrated effect of LHRHA2 and pituitary extracton maturation of Barbusxanthopterus

Document Type: biological oceanography


The purpose of this project is the investigation of LHRHa2 integrated effect with carp pituitary extract (CPE) in three stages injection on sexual indexes (fecundity, fertilization, hatch and larval survival) in artificial propagation of Barbusxanthopterus. 20 fish were divided in to 4 treatment and injected interpritoneal as follows 4mgkg-1b.w.of CPE as positive control, 4 µg/kg +4 mgkg-1b.w. of LHRH-A 2 +CPE, 7 µg/kg-1b.w. + 4mgkg-1b.w. of LHRH-A 2 + CPE , 10 µg/kg-1b.w. + 4mg kg-1b.w. of LHRH-A 2 +CPE. Results showed that the broodstocks of control treatment were answered no positive to injecting 4 mg/lit pituitary extract and second treatment (7 µgLHRHa2 + 4 mg CPE) showed highest weight of extracted egg ,spawning success, fertilization success, hatching rate and larvae survival, in comparison with other groups. None of fish were ovulated in the group of positive control. Therefore, this dose and injection method can be introduced as the most successful and practical method for artificial propagation ofBarbusxanthopterus.