The Study of different rations of spawning efficiency of siamese fighting fish (Bettasplendens)

Document Type: biological oceanography


The effects of five different foods including: blood worm, artemia cyst, Artemia mass powder, gammarus mass powder and ordinary commercial food were studied on Siamese fighting fish (Bettasplendens) propagation efficiency during thirty days in a Randomize Totally Design with 4 repeats .Experimental plots had been consisted of twenty 30*30*40 (cm) aquarium which a pair of male and female brood stocks was introduced to each one. Male and female were separated in each plot by a glass plate for 15 days in order to prepare for spawning. The results of the experiment showed no significant differences on spawned ova, ova diameter, and hatched ova among various ration treatments (p>0.05), but the averages comparison of referring factors showed that spawned ova, hatched ova, and ova diameter, were better in those brood stocks that had been fed by blood worm food treatment. However, ordinary commercial food treatment resulted weakest averages through all ration treatments.